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July 4th, 2019 the PVO Team went out West to spread #PositiveVibes across the Golden State ️. This short film documents 3 fun filled days of good times shared amongst people from all different walks of life; that were brought together by the Power of Positive Vibes Only!!

Huge thank you to The city of Los Angeles for hosting us! Last but not least #RestInPositivity to @nipseyhussle one of the greatest Kings to have ever walked this earth!  #PVO #TMC #LA #BeachParty #NipseyTribute #MansionPoolParty #SponseredByHeineken.

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PVO Global is a collective of four enterprising leaders Chinasokwu Nworu, Chidubem Ude, Dayo Okeniyi and Walu Mwalilino. Connected by their passion for uplifting black culture and commitment to social impact, together they produce high-end cause-based events, nationally and internationally, that promote #PositiveVibesOnly.

#PositiveVibesOnly is more than a party – it’s a movement that harnesses the power of positive energy and uses it to effectively empower the culture.

PVO Global consistently curates an environment of gratitude by dedicating 15% of event proceeds to its community partners: Distant Relatives Project (Washington, D.C.), African Health Now (Nigeria/Ghana) and C.O.O.L. Kids (New York).

The #PositiveVibesOnly guest list is intended to connect influential tastemakers, dynamic leaders and change agents in Government, Technology, Finance, Health, Media, Fashion, Sports and Entertainment to celebrate black

“PVO is about bringing beautiful people together in a safe and perfectly curated environment. We celebrate individuals, brands and non-profits that are doing amazing and inspiring work in their respective communities.”

– Dayo Okeniyi, Actor & Co-Founder PVO Global


Chinasokwu “Nas” Nworu

Chidubem “Chi” Ude

Walu Mwalilino

Dayo Okeniyi

“Positivity is a super currency that should be exchanged.”

“Positivity is a mindset one should strive to sustain.”

“Positivity gives unique perspectives a voice.”

“Positivity is the key that unlocks empathy and holds space for inclusivity.”

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PVO LA Day 1 Uprights_1.232.1

PVO LA Day 3 Sideways_1.202.1



PVO Summer Brunch 2018_1.197.1



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This playlist is brought to you by the Brothers at PVO Global (Nas, Chi, Dayo, & Walu), consisting of songs, old and new, on heavy rotation to accompany us during this new Quarantine lifestyle, courtesy of COVID-19. Music has been essential in helping us maintain the mindset: Positive Vibes ONLY! Sidebar: We’re a pretty diverse group, can you guess who picked what songs?.... Enjoy! #PVO

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